Should I text him how I feel about him cancelling a date?

A guy in one of my classes who I've been talking to after class asked me to go study with him last Sunday. We decided panera at 11, but he texted at 10:15 to cancel cause he had family plans. He told me he could do Monday but we ended up not because I was busy. Things have been awkward this week, we just don't really have engaging convos. We talked about hanging out again over the weekend on Monday but he hasn't brought up anything. Should I text him and tell him about how I was upset about Sunday being cancelled and if he ever wants to hang out outside of school? I just want to know if he doesn't want to deal with me or if he would go out with me outside of school. I don't want it to be awkward forever and not know what goes on in his mind.


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  • text him


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