Why do I get wet everytime I think of this guy?

I've spoken to him once but was immediately attracted to him and knew that I'd want to go on a date with him. I'm not even sure if I'll ever see him again. I met him 10 days ago and since then we've both been busy with our studies and work.

Now, however, everytime I think of him I get really wet. I'll wake up and find myself wet or suddenly feel the wetness down there in the morning.

Why do I keep getting wet even though we've only met once?


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  • Because you don't want him in a romantic way. You want him in a physical way (you want sex from him).

    • I do want to get in a relationship with him but haven't really had the chance to speak with him more. Usually I don't wet unless I've kissed the guy before or been intimate with him in some way so I was surprised to feel this way..

  • you like him. It's natural


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