Did I make a mistake?

I'm a travel nurse. Right now I'm living in South Carolina but will be moving to Tennessee next month. I've been dating this guy here for a couple of months and things were going great but I thought about it and broke it off because of my fear of getting close and the fact I'll be moving. I've had a lot of stuff happen in one year (my mother, grandma, and a close friend passed away) I felt like I needed some me time and now I'm so scared of losing something so close to me. He respected my wishes but a few days after I'm regretting it. I told him if he ever needed a vacation he could visit me in Tennnessee. He never responded. I'll probably end up leaving it alone but it still hurts he didn't even bother to respond.


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  • How badly do you want him back? If i were you Id kinda go all out to prove to him that maybe you made the wrong choice.
    Youve got nothing to lose.


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