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So I am a Scorpio, like spot on that's how I am. I am a romantic and a gentleman in every sense of the word. I am a hard worker, I love making people happy and making them laugh, I have been told by a few women that I am very attractive. I am loving and caring and try to help people or animals when I can. Yet all the girls I date either get crazy obsessed or cheat on me... And most the girls who want me are mean or just looking for hook ups. Why can't I find a nice girl who wants a actual relationship?


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  • to be honest bro, most of the times its us, who f. it up. I had been dating some good looking girls, but each in their own way, screwed up in the head. my ex girlfriend who was pregnant of me, and miscarried our child, showed how mean and viscious she could be after it all went wrong. haven't spoken to her for over a year now, and thats not because i dont want to. Maybe she just can't handle seeing me however it doenst explain her hateful behaviour towards me. after a few months i tried dating a different girl, she was just moaning about her douchebag ex boyfriend , then her mom fancied me, who was a married woman, how stupid could i be by going along with her, her husband and her broke up after she told some lies about me, and i just told the guy, who i considered a friend, that she was cheating on him with another guy. so after that i met another girl, who was really handsome, and we hit of hard, every single time we saw each other sex , sex and sex. but she was paranoid as hell, if i came home late for like 5 minutes, she would say i was seeing other women etc which i never did. so that didn't end very well. then i tried again with an older woman, she was 32 and had a 4 yo daughter, who seemed to adore me. it hit of hard and i felt great, i had a social life because of her, because after that ex girlfriend that miscarried our child, i was really depressed. so we did things together, went out, had fun with her daughter, etc.. sex, talking about the future and what not. but along the line it appeared to me something was wrong with her, she would never make up her promisses, i was paying for a lot of stuff, all she wanted to do was partying and she was really annoying when she was drunk. making bad decisions, calling me names, always guilt tripping me. I have never been insulted so badly by someone who i concidered a life partner. so she hates me, i hate her etc.. now im seeing a girl who is going to uni, who is younger then i am and she seems really cool. i just ignored all the warning signs before, i just let it happen and be the one always apologizing. you see, there is nothing wrong with you, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes but ignoring red flags is the only mistake you make. so if girls act all crazy or something sees off, talk about ith with family or friends, and for the love of yourself, walk away.


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