Playing games, interested or testing me?

Got this girls number a few days ago here's a convo we had via text.

Her: What are your intentions?

Me: I wanna talk and get to know you better

Her: Just FYI I'm not dating now I don't have the time for it now

Me: OK good to know no point in continuing this then

Her: no! We can still chill.


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  • There is a chance he would have had interest in you but can't say for sure.

    • She was flirting with me and initiated conversation however I notice she does this with a lot of guys

    • In that case she might be a flirty kind of a girl, I mean by nature she is like that.

  • I don't know what her problem is. I just got a girls number a few days ago too and started texting her. Never started like that.

    • That's not how it started but that was the convo right before I was supposed to meet her at a coffee shop. That killed the mood the entire night for me.

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