Girls, Can a guy in his early to mid 20's afford to have high standards if he has alopecia? Please read the description?

I'm a 20 year old who recently got diagnosed with a weird hybrid condition, for those of you who don't know alopecia makes you lose hair all over however for me only scalp hair was really affected, it's permanent and I've shaved it to the skin, surprisingly I pull it off decently, I got lucky, most people think I'm 22-24 so it hasn't aged me much, anyway my only concern is girls, I get looks matter and admit they do for me, however I'm not looking for sex or a fling, I only want one girl in the end and want to be married young, that being said I do have higher standards on looks as well (although it's a bit subjective there is a one size fits most in my opinion), and don't think I sit and go 'oh her hairs not this color etc' no, I'm either physically attracted to a girl immediately or I'm not as far as looks go so it's not really a conscience pickyness-although typically my friends noted all the girls I've fallen for are slender and their faces were pretty, not so much chest or bottom guy I guess.

I'm sure plenty of girls won't dig no hair, but do you think it's severe enough I'll end up alone if I don't settle, and please be honest I've shared straightforward honesty with you, and your opinion will not make me settle either way, I just want to know what I face,

thanks for your time.
  • Yes, even with no hair and being picky a guy can still be attractive in dating this young
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  • No, having no hair/bald is enough of a turn off to young girls, especially more attractive ones he'll probably end up alone
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I just want to clarify that yes in the poll means a guy with no hair CAN still get a good looking girl even having high standards,

No in the poll means no most girls wouldn't give him s shot if they're attractive, sorry I worded it strange in the description


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  • In the end we all settle. You can't have everything you dream of gathered in one person. And there is much more to a person than a slender body and a pretty face. If those traits are all you're looking for then you don't need to settle cuz a lot of girls. meet those criterias however if you want a girl who has an awsome personality, is interesting, educated and whatnot then you will have to settle.

    • I know that there is not a perfect partner, however I at least ask she is committed, and wants something real and loves me, if she's shy that's great, if she's adventurous that's cool too, however with looks as I said it's all or nothing, I'm attracted to a girl or I'm not, but yes they do need Avery pretty face and be slender, I really hate numbering but just to give context most girls I really like are about 7-8 range looks wise, again not a fan of the scale but it's the only way to describe it, typically if a girl is slender and has great facial features that makes her attractive to many, which is where I was worried they may not like a guy with no hair.

    • Also did you vote? Just curious as you said we all settle and only the 'yes a guy can still get those girls' option is highlighted so if you voted you may have chosen the wrong one

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