Am I wasting my time with him?

I met this guy on a dating website. At first we esxhange messages here and there, but then i realized he would only and talk about himself and it would take him a long time to respond. So, i started to take longer to respond and eventually i stop replying to his messages. I went maybe almost 2 weeks without replying. Then he wrote me again telling he hope everything was going great with me and just wanted to check with me. It took me maybe like 2 days or 3 to reply. Ever since we started talking again. I asked him why he was hesitant to meet people and he said because it was best to get to know people and take things slow. One thing it always raised a red flag for me was that in his profile said he was hesitant to meet people from the site and that he was mostly focused on his carreer right now. We'll exchange messages here and there but he takes too long to reply. I asked him if he had kik and he added me there. Then he kinda brought up exchanging numbers but he never touched the subject again. Sometimes i will see him online on the dating site but i get not reply to my message until a day after i texted him on kik or even up to 3 days. He has time to visit my profile online. We will finally meet because i brought it up and he said it'll be nice to meet since we have been talking for a while. He is studying a masters and works at night as a deputy. I have noticed he mostly takes longer to reply my messages when he has days off of work. He does flirt with me over text tho and he is starting to engaged more into a two sided conversation not just talk about himself. what do you all think? It has been 3 months since we met on the dating site.


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  • actually.. yeah.


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