What do I do about my best friend?

Okay well it's a really long complicated story so I'm just going to try and sum it up. I have a guy best friend and I love him to death (I'm a girl). About a month ago I went on a trip and I texted him saying I missed him and he replied with "I miss you too you're seriously so beautiful." And that just surprised me, because he had never told me that I'm beautiful or hat he had missed me. So I asked him, "are you okay? You've never said that to me." And he just said "really? Wow I never knew I could hold the truth back that long." So I got thinking, maybe he likes me? I had a crush on him about a year after I met him and we instantly clicked and have been best friends ever since so I knew something was up with him. Well I came back from the trip and when I went to school he started being really touchy and huggy and stuff and he came over to my house a couple of weeks ago and he wrapped his arms around my waist and then when we were on the couch sitting he got up and came behind me just so he could rest his head on my shoulder to give me kisses on my jawline. Okay so of course I knew he had a crush on me at that point but I just never really wanted to ask him, so then a week after that he tells me he likes me but I haven't done anything about it. I like him. A LOT. So I'm just trying to figure out if he ever kisses me or something how I should react or if he asks me to be his girlfriend I just don't know. I don't want to make things awkward and I don't want to hurt him at the same time. He's my best friend ant the only one I have so I'm afraid of losing him. What should I do?


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  • That's always tough. Sometimes friends are meant to be friends, and friends only. If you cross the line and something goes wrong in your relationship, you may lose everything you had. I'd talk about it with him. If you guys understand each other, it is possible to date. I mean, you can't deny feelings for each other... if you have them, you have them. Good luck :)


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