Girls, Should I Write to My First Crush? So many years have passed?

6th grade. I was just a kid with a major crush. She was in the popular crowd, I wasn't. I wrote to her then, expressing my affection. But it went nowhere. She couldn't possibly date me. Not with the pressure of her friends. But I didn't give up. I tried flowers on Valentines Day, and a few more letters and gifts here and there. I even had the courage to call her once. Finally, at our middle school graduation I earned a dance... a single dance. I was floating in the clouds.

I never once got a single angry letter or word or look from her. She even wrote in my yearbook that I was was very good looking guy. But later that summer, I received a hurtful letter from two of her friends. They told me I was a loser and that I should move on, and let her enjoy hs.

So I did. I never talked to her again. I didn't write. I looked the other way in the hallways. I even moved on myself, dating other girls all through high school.

One summer after hs, I saw her at a bar... and she saw me. But I still kept my distance.

A few years after that, my brother ran into her at a bar and she was going on and on about how sweet I always was to her.

I'm married now. I'm happy. She is also married and happy.

I look back on that time with shame. I was just a kid. I didn't know what not to do when courting a girl I liked. I am embarrassed at all the time I spent... I'm sure I was laughed at.

A movie came on the other day... Can't Hardly Wait. I was Preston. And she was always Jennifer Love Hewitt. Too far out of my league.

I don't have an agenda here. Not trying to affect hers or my life. Just want her to know that even though I was just this tiny blip on her radar, she was so much more to me. And the way she handled it, with class, and grace. I am so grateful... so many times she could have stomped all over my heart... but didn't.


Valentines Day

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  • You should leave her alone. You're both happily married, there's no good that will come from it. Move on.

Valentines Day