Does she really love me so much?

So i love this girl and she loves me so she became my girlfriend but she knew that i had previous gfs and we were touching each other and so... so it was the first time i date my girlfriend yesterday and at the start we walked to this place i wanted us to go in front of the golf course in the dark so we sat in this place alone in the dark as i said. Then she told me she was cold so she leaned on me and got my arm around her arm and she told me i really love you and held my other hand and then she told me she wanted to cry and i could see it in her eyes but she didn't cry then she kissed me on my cheek and i told her previously that i wanted to really kiss her so she asked me after she kissed me " when will you kiss me " then i kissed her on her forehead but we both knew it wasn't what i wanted but i told her we will keep it for later on... So how much do you think she loves me? And was she afraid she wasn't like those other girls i dated?


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  • No stranger can tell you how much she loves you. As for her possible insecurities about other gfs, only she would know. Ask her these questions.


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