Why am I like this?

When I'm interested in a guy, actually wanting to pursue a relationship I get jealous so easily.. The thought of him talking to other girls and flirting hurts me. Even liking another girls photo.. I met this guy on a dating website, so far he seems perfect. Although , he is deployed over seas and plan on meeting up when he gets back.. I haven't asked him what he is looking for yet , but I don't want to be too clingy and ask. We don't talk everyday , more like every other day.. I guess to not get bored of each other. We like all the same music, and honestly the pictures I've seen makes me fall even more... Should I stop messaging him first, and let him chase me? Any advice? :/


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  • Well stop with these games,
    make it alternative... if he message u first, then u message him first...
    then u message him first then its his turn...


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