What to do or not to do on dating a "traumatized" girl?

I ended my first relationship of 5 years in the end of sept. I moved on about one month after cuz my ex cheated on me. I had been dating with this girl I met in a family gathering. This girl is single for two and half yr, and it was a 7 yr relationship.

At first, I really wanted to take it slow since I recently just ended a toxic relationship. After a few dates, I really have feeling of her, and I think so does she.

We were on the phone tonight. She told me she is still not fully healed from her previous relationship. She told me that she needs some more time to know me before starting a new relationship. I do not want to push her or anything like that. So I said I want to take it slow too, cuz I just recently ended one. She does sounds traumatized still.

I do do not have much details about her past. The only thing she told me was that her ex was the only child in the family. And he was really close to his mom, and his mom does not like the girl. I assume it was a mommy issue.

I would like to get some suggestions for me on dating tips, or for her to heal and move on.

thank you,


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  • Both of you are obviously still healing from the hurt of past relationships. So it's going to take time before you are both ready to love again. She needs time to get to know you and time to learn to trust you. You can't heal her she has to heal herself.

    When a person is still hurting from the past... their head wants to let go but their heart isn't ready to. She'll let go of the hurt and past in her own time. Just be patient with her

    You will have to make it clear that you want it to develop into a relationship, because it's possible she will start looking on you as an emotional crutch. Reach out a hand of friendship, but make it clear you want more... In time.

    • Thank you for your comments.

      Totally agreed. That is why I told her that she will have whatever time she needs.

      I think I had made it clear so she brought up that topic tonight. Just be patient I guess.

    • You're welcome! 😊

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  • bang her good ;)


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