Should I end things with her?, My friends make fun of me... :( ?

1. Ok there is this girl in my class... I rarely talk to her but since the starting of the semester she is giving me signs that she likes me.
2. I stopped going college for 2 weeks and there is one guy A, who got very close to her. He is basically a clingy guy.
3. What my friends told me is that the girl also talked smilingly and happily to him and they even flirted also.
4. I returned to college, I asked her out, she refused... then i ignored her.
5. She started sitting away from that guy in my presence (the guy sits in the middle , she started sitting in the front).
6. I was out for lunch with my friends, my other friends told me... she againt went to that guy and shook hands and sat with him for 5 mins and then she left.
8. Me and she were talking outside the class, and he came in between... so i left and then she also left after 3-4 mins.
7. Next day, Infront of Guy A , she stood from her seat and came and sat with me for entire lecture.
8. Now my friends tease me that I have stolen Guy A's girlfriend.
What should I do? :( Please help me...
  • I should tell her that what's the rumours going on in class and I cannot be with her.
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  • That guy is just her friend. I should not be bothered.
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They used to sit together in my absence.


Most Helpful Girl

  • U shudnt be bothered he's probably just friendly. Ur mates r winding u up. The girl prob dnt even know about this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • As a general rule, any girl problems for guys in college should be immediately solved by sleeping with 6 other girls.

    • LOL
      But what shoud l do here sir?

    • 4. I returned to college, I asked her out, she refused

      Stay friends with her, and get her to wingman you to find 6 other girls to sleep with.

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What Girls Said 1

  • It seems like you do u like her as much... just tell her it's over!


What Guys Said 4

  • I think you should talk to the girl, let her give her opinion.

  • Its not your fault if she likes u more, ignore ya mates and go for it

  • Well, once a girl rejects me, I wouldn't even make the relationship happen even if she wanted because I have this thing.. called ego/

  • The children will be devastated.

    • What?

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    • Oh yeah it could be a fuckin reason...
      but she told me she likes me...

    • If she really liked you, why not accept to go on a date? With that being said.. women don't always know what they want.. hell they can go from not liking you, to liking you, etc etc etc.

      Maybe she just misses the attention you were giving her, women like attention (so do men before someone starts yelling) maybe she likes you both...

      I think you should talk this over with guy A, maybe ask him if it's cool if you make a move, whether or not he likes her too. Even if you wanna ask her out or put the moves on her if he says, yeah I like her, or yeah back off. You can do what you want without his blessing.

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