Why is he so angry?

I was dating a guy for 5 months, things went a little bad due to an unexpected miscarriage. I called it off.. We still spoke for a while after. I still wanted to be with him but my head was all over the place. 2 months on we get along... But not together, But he's just so angry with me sometimes... And snappy, why is he like this now? His ex before me he is friends with now even when he called it off with her... But with me things were amazing and we were so close... I don't understand why he can't be in my company and do something fun... He says it's hard? And I don't know why?
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  • He may be feeling the affect of losing the baby too and may need help to get over it. Things like this affect people in different ways


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  • He lost a baby, too. His pain and frustration are a little different than yours, but just as real and every bit as deep and traumatizing. Treat him with the same love, patience and compassion that you would if your best friend were to lose her baby. Give him time to process his emotions, and be aware that grief affects everybody differently. I am very sorry that you had to go through that.


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  • He sounds like he doesn't care!


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