Do I text or just wait?

I had a big miss understanding with the guy I'm dating. We talked about it and I though all was good. Well now he won't text me first. He will answer me when I text and he will take my call sometimes but not like before. I don't want to play games but I need help. Do I wait for him to text me and see if he missed me or do I continue to text first? I don't want to push him away more then he is but I also don't want him to think I'm playing games.


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  • Don't play games just hold your nerve and wait for him to text. If he doesn't text then it tells u a lot about how he feels.

    • Thank you. It's great to get a male point of view. I really have feeling for this guy. Before the miss understanding he was so into me but now he has backed off a lot. Do you think he will every forgive me?

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    • Never good to hang on to something that's just not worth it or doesn't feel the same way

    • You are so right. I haven't been very lucky in the dating game. I always find some way to mess things up when it's going good. They really like me at the beginning than I say or do something stupid and then they go running for the hills. He was so into me then I accused him of cheating not once but twice. (my ex cheater on me a lot) so now he has pulled back and said I'm not the person he though I was I tried to explain about my past he said that just an excuse that we should not bring our past relationships into our present relationship. I think he is right to a point but it's hard not. He has been single for over 17 years and yes he is a player but he has been honest with me from the beginning I just let my emotions get the best of me so I accused him of cheating. to set the record straight he had not cheated on me...

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  • I'd wait and see. He may still be muddling through his feelings about the misunderstanding.

    • That's kinda how I was feeling, but I didn't want him to think I'm playing games.

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