My mother literally throwed us away?

My mother is a total bitch, extremely bitter and angry towards our dad even 25 years of him leaving here, she is still bitter and extremely jealous of his side of the family. She emotionally and psychally abused us for yearsssssssss, she HATED us, she destroyed my older sister as a human being (my sister is mentally ill). Over the last few years she has been easy and not that aggressive, im a student of 23 and unfortunately i cannot afford it on my own, she said i could stay untill im done with my degree, she lied to me because she still emotionally abuses me. Her words dont hurt me anymore, she literally made me a cold person, my heart is literally closed off when someone hurts me with words it doesn't hurt me. The economy is tough right now, i can't find a job and i told her she shouldn't have children if she think we are still a liabilty. She curses at me from, stupid to skinny, to trash... while she is the one on welfare. I told her she was a bitch and no one wants to talk to her and she will end up alone. She literally DESTROYED our self esteem and then expects us to take care of ourselves as soon as we were 18. She destroyed my older sister, she literally mentally destroyed her, my brother got out of it ok, i need patience to get my own house, i need patience because its taking too long, what should i do to hold on?


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  • take a deep breath and make steps towards achieving your goals and just focus on what it is needed to make enough money to get a house and make a living.

  • You need make a strong relationships with a strong and rich person in your society, and jump into business or get a nice job and leave the house and then get your mom help, you might hate her, but right now she is blind there is no sense in making she see what she is destroying, instead get her help once she is sane then you can show her and then she will feel guilty! Don't channel you rage from mouth through words, channel your rage through brain in mind to create ideas using your thoughts... Let her talk shit and abuse, just smile back and reply politely, nothing will annoy her more then your cool! And confident behavior

    • doesn't matter, i will never forget what she did, never. She made our lives harder, and i won't help her when she is older anyways, she is on her own for LIFE, she is bitter because she is jeaous we get to be young and live our lives while she had children when she was oung, AS IF it was forced on her, she wasn't raped 4 times she wanted kids or else you woulndt spread your legs open

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    • Started reducing tasks on her hand! Helped in cooking and slowly Started Shopping and other daily errands and finally we didn't let her miss any chance where she got opportunity to socialize with neighbors, cause after socializing she was so happy! And then she was happy with us too.. Only angry at my father cause he was not with him.. She used to get mad everytime he used to come... As I hit 16 . I realized my father was not smart enough to pick the clues that my mom was not mad at him for leaving him or staying away from him, but she was mad at him cause their intimacy and affections were lost on the way and she needed that, so yeah I ended up, making them find the reason why they loved and fell for each other, on occasions I started marking their similarities, literally sometime used their anger towards each other to my profit, which made them realize their fighting was stupid, and they cooled down..
      Dear use your mind sort out a way for yourself,

    • Not to offend you but one more thing, when it comes to women, you need to understand that their periods make them emotional too and you need to learn to deal with it if you are with a women and learn to control it if you are women

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