This girl made a move on me after 3 months of non-verbal signs... but should I abuse her now? and call her a sl*t?

In those 3 months of semester... she has a male friend... who is so close to her that everyone thinks that he is her boyfriend.
- she leaves the class , he follows her and they both entered together.
- they both used to sit together.
- she comes upto him in breaks when they dont sit together and talks to him for about 5 mins and then leaves.
- if i try to talk to her, that guy comes in between as if to show she is his girlfriend.
But infront of me... that girl doesn't talk to him much, doesn't laugh etc with that guy.
I got to know this when my friends told me all of this...
should i tell her she is a sl*t?
  • Tell her all those things and call her a sl*t.
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  • Tell her all those things but dont call her a sl*t , let her explain.
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  • No need to confront... just break it up with her.
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  • So wait... You're mad because she has a boyfriend and doesn't pay enough attention to you because of that, so all of a sudden she's a slut? Just move on and find someone single.

    • She made a move on me... i did not go upto her... she came to me...
      and now my friends tellme that she had a boyfriend... all 3 months... and now she is eyeing u...
      maybe she wants to make her guy jealous by being with me...

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    • Hahaha... stop defending her...
      No girl comes and sit with a guy for just to be friends... hahahahahha
      she could have done that after the class,,,,,

    • How sad you think so considering I'm a girl and I have done so many times. Stop trying to act like this girl committed a crime. It's not like she's trying to kiss you or something, all you've been giving is friendly behavior and nothing that points to abuse or sluttiness. Just leave her be.

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  • And what exactly do you hope to achieve by calling her a slut?

    • She made a move on me even when she had a guy... so she is a slut

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    • My friends told me...
      they saw her talking flirtingly and happily and laughingly with him...
      i asked her out... she said NO.. becoz of that guy...
      when i go upto her to talk... that guy butts in as if to show that she is his girlfriend... but the girl doesn't smile and excuses herself within 5 minutes...

    • Flirting is entirely subjective, what one person perceives as flirting, another might see as merely being friendly. All of your "facts" are based on observations you and others have made. If neither she or he have actually mentioned their relationship status, then you're only making assumptions. If you're curious, just ask her if they're together. If you're not curious, just ignore her and move on. Calling her a slut will only make you look immature and desperate.

  • Can I call you a childish prick? Because that's how you're acting, like a little baby who had his toy taken away.

  • You never call a girl a slut. No matter what she did

  • Why would a girl ask you out if she is taken? Are you sure she is taken?

    • Thats what i dont understand... she says she is taken but i dont think so...

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    • If she doesn't give you a proper answer, feel free to give the 'sl@t cough'

    • I read your other responses. Is it possible that he may be controlling her or abusing her? It seems weird that she can't even talk to you!

  • If you already know she has a boyfriend, you're just as guilty too.

    • I dint know... she made a move on me and after 1 week...
      my friends told me dude watchya doing... she already has a guy...

  • Somebody has a *really* great opinion of women.

  • You do not need to call ANYONE a slut.

  • There's not enough information here to conclude that they didn't break up at some point, but are still on speaking terms.


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