Any others Guys that never succeeded in getting a date/hookup when you've tried?

I have the worst luck with women.

Not only have I been forever single all my life, the fact I've been trying and have gotten nowhere is what gets me.

I've tried asking girls out and have been rejected, starting since junior high school all the way to the present. I've had one friend try to hook me up with a girl who seemed like she was interested in me and asked for phone sex, turns out my "friend", he was on the phone the whole time listening! Months later we weren't friends so I lost contact with the girl, but I think it was a joke on me she never really liked me.
I've been on multiple dating sites. Eharmony said there was nobody compatable with me. Okcupid no girl was interested in me the only messages I got were to lull myself or that I'm ugly. Farmers only no interests or messages at all. Match was like okcupid for me. Tinder I swiped 300+ girls and not a single one was a match. I was trying all these sites for dating, hookups, friendship, fuck buddies, whatever; any opportunity that presented itself. Well, I got Nothing! 10 years of online dating with 0 results!
No girl has ever shown an interest in liking me.

I think I have the worst luck plus look at my age, tell me if you know someone in a worse situation right now.


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  • Noooo!!! dont be so sad!! :( I hate to hear guys talk like this and I know I am a woman so maybe i do not understand. But do not give up. I am sure you are not ugly. :D

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    • No problem!
      I would definitely go with white tees, a silver watch, a good pair of jeans, some more facial hair than you have shown in the pics (not full on insane beard tho lol, we dont want to hide your face ^_^) and definitely contacts and a different haircut, just to make you look a little older and mature and even rugged :)
      The above is just a standard look that could work for a lot of men i think.
      It is my pleasure ;)
      Good luck! :D

    • by the way the watch is not needed, it is just a nice touch, no need to break bank to maximize on your look :)

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  • Join the club, i only had 2 relationships at age 21. Its saddening..

    • 2 is better than none

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    • Thanks for the MHO bro, and good luck!

    • Your welcome, and thanks!

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  • I know a guy 2 years older than you who is in his frat boy faze still. Only now he gets drunk and clocks out at seven. He has a preference for young, hot women and has NO CLUE why he hasn't been laid in years.

    • Well no wonder he has no luck! 7, I'm up to 2 am I can't sleep much earlier!

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  • I'm in exactly the same situation as you, except that I'm still a few years younger, but I don't see how things could change anytime soon.
    Try to find some hobbies that distract you from your loneliness. Work hard in your job so you can afford to pay for sex every now and then. Some people are just not meant to ever have a relationship and it's pointless to waste your whole life trying to achieve the impossible.


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