He means everything to me, he my whole world but I mean nothing to him?

Been in love with this guy for nearly 5 years despite having boyfriends the way I felt about him has always been stronger than I have felt for them. All I want to do is talk to him all the time but at the same time I get nervous around him and I do stuff to get his attention but all I end up is hurt and realising I mean nothing to him. He is older than me quick a bit. 37 and I know it wouldn't work out he is engaged and I wouldn't never be disrespectful to him in making move. Although I completely falling for him and sooo attracted to him I also look up to him as if he is a big brother or something and even though I know we want ever be together I just want to mean something to him but I know I don't. Have u ever been in this situation? I thought it would pass but it's been 5 years and while I am still in contact with him I can't stop these feelings. I can't stop thinking about him and hearing his name makes me smile and thought of him is all I focus on when am down. But I just got off the phone to him and basically he had no time to talk to me and treated me like I was little kid so upset. What should I do?


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  • If it was me I'd confess and move on or you can keep it to your self where it can slowly eat away at you. personally id just say the truth you liked/loved him but you understand that it won't work out so can you guys stay friends at least?

    • I could never confess or tell him or anyone

    • Well then the only option is to move on

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  • Wow it must have hurt. I had been in a similar situation but the guy was my age and my best friend. LOL So original...
    I was in love with him for seven years or so and never had enough courage to tell him about my feelings.
    Even if he was a class A jerk but I never saw beyond his face and smile. It's like I was dumb-ified. (not sure if that's even a word but getting the picture?) I would help him with his homework and stuff and then one day he asked my best friend (girl) out. It killed me.

    But it made me strong. I was hurt but then I saw what he really was. I noticed how he only talked nice to me when he needed something.

    NOW what's the point in telling you all this stuff?
    Because sweetheart sometimes when we get obsessed with one thing we ignore the beauty of all other beautiful things around us. All we see is the shine and luster not the underlying dark and grime.

    Stop and look at yourself in the mirror. You are a beautiful and amazing person. You are fun and lovable. But it's time girl that you stop this obsession by slowly cutting him off.
    Don't go into straight hating him and blocking him out of your life. Give yourself some time to deal with this. Reduce your dependability on him. Avoid making any kind of calls to him.

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck and revert back with any progress. ^_^

    • Thank u this made me cry a little. It's just hard because at the start although he was still with his girlfriend he used to say stuff to me that made me feel special and think that he liked me he used to tell me a was beautiful and smart and the way he talked to me but in the last 6 months he changed and just really different with me it sucks even though deep down I always new we were never going be together I just miss the way he used to be with me

    • There! You already have all the answers to your question. It's just sometimes we need a little help from universe to set us straight. And Universe is my middle name. LOL (not really :D Just trying to make you smile bc I made you cry... Yes I saw it)
      He is gone girl. I know deep down you know it but sometimes out heart (to protect itself from pain) lies to us. It's up to you know to be the real person you are.
      Life's too short to waste it loving non-deserving people. Instead love yourself for once!
      And when you find the right one, keep loving yourself. Bc this world has only one 'YOU'. Be the best you can be!
      Don't just exist like some stone or a tree. Treat yourself as the special person you really are. You deserve it :)
      And enjoy life while you can. Later on god knows which old age care center your kids are going to leave you. :D
      So make the best use of the time you have.
      Good luck :)

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  • Try your best to forget about him, don't call him and remove him from your life. He is engaged in love with someone else and your are NEVER going to be a huge part of his life in the way you want so why go through the pain each day, month and in your case years.

  • He's 37, engaged and not interested! Get over him by getting under someone else.


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  • Twin flame? Google it


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