Can someone please explain to me the stigma of not having a boyfriend? Why is it such a concern of others if you are a young girl without a boyfriend?

I feel like there is something wrong with me for me being single all the times. I am getting really sick and tired of being asked if I have one yet and when I say no they act like something is seriously wrong with me. Yeah being single all the time is associated with being a lesbian I mostly consider myself asexual. My reason for being single 24/7 is really none of nobody's business. I am tired of feeling like I have to explain why I do not have a man.

Well fuck it is because I am undateable and no one wants me! Goddamn how do I deal with this situation like it is really starting to piss me off. The next person who asks me will definitely regret asking me I will snap on them. A lot of other people tell oh you are so pretty I am so shocked you don't have a boyfriend blah blah blah. Only shallow bastards want looks that is all I ever attract and I am not interested in that.

I am sorry for ranting but I am really aggravated. I feel I have the right to remain single without being pressured to date if I am not ready. I don't want to date and have a child just because everyone else is doing it. I find it pitful you have to date a man if you are a hetrosexual female to prove you are straight. And date a woman if you are a homosexual female. For what to prove a damn point? Honestly leave me the f**k alone to live my life however I want to! I am not ready and I am not mentally stable to date anyone decent all I attract is flat out loserrrrs.
If that makes any sense it is pathetic society looks down on you if you either 18-21 or in the 22-25 age range. I am not a lesbian but fuck I feel like just saying I am to get people to quit harrassing me. Society can go to hell. I will NEVER follow society's norms. There is no age where it says you need a man or a woman by a certain age.


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  • Hello, I think you make a really important point in today's social environment. Do you really think having a boyfriend and stuff is only to prove something out of pressure? This is what I'm getting out of what your explaining. I'd like your opinion on something as well, what about Facebook relationship status? Sometimes people hide it which is fine, but at other times they are proud of their partner which I'm honestly happy for. I think this may tie into what your saying. What are your opinions?

    • Its not about just proving people things out of pressure, dating can be real at this age as well. But, most of the time it's just a competition or a way to keep up with the world. It's like a tag or status more than a real relationship. It ends up being stressful rather than enjoyable and satisfying.

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  • Some people are just really nosy and don't realize how frustrating of a question that is for someone who's single. It's one thing for a new friend to ask out of curiously, but it's a whole other thing when someone who you barely know asks and then casts judgement.

    Try not to let it get to you. There's nothing wrong with you for not having a boyfriend yet; tons of women in your age range are still single.


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  • Honestly, you should snap on those people who ask you why you're single. If you want to people to stop asking you, then let them know. It can be annoying when people constantly ask that. I haven't had a relationship in almost six years and some people think that I'm weird for that.


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  • Girl, I feel you. You just stole words from my heart. The asexual thing is so relatable. Your relationship status is none of anyone's beeswax, but there are butt heads that don't know how to mind their own. It's totally cool to not have a boyfriend. Don't let anyone tell you what you deserve. Decide your own life, and the right guy will come when he comes.

  • Victorian Era and religion really. Man taking care of the woman yadda yadda yadda. Tradition really.

    Aside from that though there is the fact you say you're pretty. The people who ask wonder why nobody is with a beautiful woman such as yourself considering the attractive ones are always 'taken'.

    To attract a decent man, try a hobby you enjoy so you become friends with people who hold common interests and see what happens from there.


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