How to be a girlfriend?

I do not know how to be a girlfriend at all. I'm lost. Every time I get into a relationship I mess it up because I dont know what to do. I dont know how to be needy and show emotions because I think too much and I'm a bit emotionless.

A little background:

I've known my guy friend for almost 2 years now and we started being more (not boyfriend and girlfriend yet) after about 2 months of knowing each other. We're basically girlfriend n boyfriend now but there's no label. We like each other a lot and will be dating soon

Another question:

When should boyfriend n girlfriend have sex?

Basically I need a rundown on how to be a gf?


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  • Sex should be when ever both of you are comfortable with it.

    As for how to be a girlfriend. Be yourself. That's why he likes you in the first place. My views of dating are as follows: Dating is a precursor or a practice round to marriage. Whom do you marry? Your best friend the love of your life, that one friend that you could not imagine yourself living happily without. That is what this is. It's determining whether or not he is the one you could not live without and same with you. Or at least that is how it is supposed to be. Be yourself, grow close as couples and foster each others individual growth. Spend quality time together and most importantly have fun.


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  • you dont nee to be 'needy' its actually not recommended. you just need to be honest.,

    and a relationship is suited to you, not the other way around. there's no way to be a girlfriend, there's however you are as a girlfriend. you and your boyfriend will figure it out. what works for some doesn't work for others.

    the only universal is honest communication... you will cultivate a relationship that works for you.

    and a lot of people dont say how they feel, but you can show him. or if you can't show him you can tell him. etc. just find what works for you.

    everyone has emotions it just takes different kinds of experiences to feel comfortable with yours. dont push it.

    thinking is fine. so, me people are thinkers.,.. better than the alternative. Just dont do it in place of communicating.

    • also if you're consciously volitionally getting into relationships, then there must be a reason. what do you want out of it. why are you in it? these are your emotions. you have them. figure out what is driving you and you'll be able to create a relationship that suits you.

      have sex when you're ready. i think if you were ready you wouldn't be trying to time it. when you '
      want' it. then have it.

      as for the relationship... what do you 'want'?

    • Those are very good questions. Thank you

    • sure thing ;-)

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  • If you want to Girlfriend well the first thing you have to learn to do is be more spontaneous. Men like spontaneous Girlfriending. Men also like it when you give them things for no reason and don't complain about their lack of effort towards you after you give them the things. That's good Girlfriending.

    Also, you should first have sex when you decide it's time to practice your blowjobbery skills. Girlfriends, the good ones, know how to do this well and it naturally transitions to practicing your kegeling on his lap with his McThingy in you.

    The last thing you need to know is this: Threesomes are completely okay.

    That is how you Girlfriend.

    • LMAO what do you take me for? An idiot? Thats is not how you 'girlfriend'.

      Nice opinion though *sarcasm* smh

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