Girls, What about this situation?

Ok say a guy whose like in his 20s-30s married with children, gets on here makes a profile and contacts other females talking, flirting, and carrrying on. Just because he is essentially wanting out, looking for that opportunity. Doesn't like how life has turned out, or whatever drove this person to do this and looking for a new start. How would you react or do in this type situation, would you feel curious, shocked, concerned, ecstatic?


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  • If said married man wanted out he should file for a Divorce. He isn't "looking fora way out", he is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Keep his wife on the side, while he searches for the next best thing, but just in case best thing isn't as green as he thought it would be, he can always fall back on wifey. He sounds like a jerk to say the least.

  • I would be pissed. There is no way I'm letting a married guy think it's okay to flirt with me or anyone else for that matter.


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