How do I accept my mother is mentally ill?

How do I let go of the anger and revenge, I want her to see us do well in life after all she said to us, the hurtful words growing up, the shame, the bullying, the hitting. But I know she is mentally ill and will never recover, she is bout to commit suicide or end up in a mental intstitute, how can I stop the competiiton in my head of showing her im doing well in life and start acknowledging her as an ill person and I still live with her by the way, im planning to go soon, im 23 and suffered enough.


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  • What I would do is: inform yourself on how best to communiate with a person who has her desease.
    Often, although a condition cannot be cured, it may be possible to decrease the symptoms to a level that is far easier to live with :D

  • You should accept and help-support her. Not to leave..


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