Would you go out with someone who flirted with ALOOOOOT of guys/girls?

There was this girl I liked and it turned out she liked me but after seeing her flirt with a lot of guys we worked with Icould simply not see her that way anymore. I could simply not get the idea of one of those guys being able to convince her to hook up or something. Opinions on this?
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  • Flirting with a lot of people gives me the impression they're a bit of a player. That's something I don't want to attempt to get involved with.

    • Ikr. a lot of people say that there's no harm in flirting and chances are they're just a flirty person but I'm not willing to take that risk

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  • The way I see it, someone who wants to be with you will not leave you. It's an awful but honest philosophy. My boyfriend is very attractive and flirtatious with other girls, and it's honestly pretty hard sometimes. But you have to put trust in them, even if you don't necessarily want to. If I wasn't in your shoes, I would say no. But I love my boyfriend. So I have to trust that he won't cheat on me/leave me for a pair of tits.


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