Is my boyfriend overly possessive?

I've been with my boyfriend for over 4 years and he had done nothing but love me. He never raise his voice at me and I don't think I can find anyone who would love me more than him.

However he would hit any man who come near me and he even fought with his best friends for talking shit about me. Recently he argued with his family because none of them liked me and he refuse to see his family since even though I persuade him to.

He told me to marry him and stay at home and be his good wife and he will take good care of me. He didn't liked the idea of me going out to work and facing the outside world and as he would say dangerous world.

He argued with my parents who abused me as a kid and refuse to follow me home whenever I am going home. My best friend find him overly possessive but I think he just spoils and love me too much. What do you think?

He did nothing to hurt me before and I love him... a lot. He's the guy I want to be with and want to marry. But we're facing a lot of objections. His parents and friends for thinking I drugged up their boy. My family and friends who find him abusive when he's not

I've tried to approach this topic but each time he break down and apologise for being a shitty boyfriend and all he wants is me to be safe and happy. He does not want me working hard or being bullied by superiors at work place.


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  • He sounds like an overall great boyfriend who truly loves you and wants to protect you, but him hitting any guy who even comes near you and telling you that he doesn't like the idea of you going to work and "facing the dangerous outside world" is taking it too far tbh. He's treating you like this fragile little thing that needs to be babied and watched over 24/7 instead of as his equal.

    • he's very experienced in the business world and honestly watched me getting betrayed by some of best friends before... he help me through betrayals or when professors tries to do something to me so i kinda understand why he's protective. its just that people around me keep telling me he's abusive and im deluded

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    • Oh my god :o I am so sorry to hear that :(

      I understand now why your boyfriend would go to those lengths to protect you, and honestly I don't blame him. But he should still treat you more like his equal.

    • Hearing that from you enable me to understand what my boyfriend is thinking. as long as he has no malicious intention im happy.

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  • I think there are boundaries and it seems he does love you a lot which might be blinding you from how things really are. Like the fact that wants you to have no contact with the outside world and other men. I think that it's a bit unhealthy. This could grow worse for you later on if you marry him without setting proper boundaries.

    • when i mean other guys coming near me i mean trying to ht on me or touch me inappropriately...

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    • yeah i understand... i just want to know if he has malicious intentions or just because he wants to protect me

    • In the end it's up to you. Just be cautious

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  • He's just overly protective. He doesn't want you to get hurt. It's his personality.


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