I met my first love after 10 years and I never forgot him. Is it fate or coincidence. Help ! Serious answers ?

I met my first love on the streets after 10 years. There were many things left unsaid and still awkward but I realise I still love him and I feel that he do too. He told me that for 10 years he spend his time working and never seen another girl after me because he wasn't able to forget about me. For 10 years after him, I didn't had a boyfriend and been trying to find his shadow in all the guys I went on blind dates with.

10 years ago, we broke up when he left for military. At that point of time, I was working in his country and we dated. Despite our families objection, we were still in love with each other. However he needed to go into military and I was actually struggling to look for a new job then. Money was running low and time was going by fast. In order to force me back to my home country so that I can live comfortably, he broke up with me. Although I didn't accept that break up then, he called my parents to drag me back home then. 6 years ago, I returned to the same country in hopes of seeing him. I didn't have his contact and could only hope to see him. Everyday I wondered if he's married or had someone new. Even though my mother force me to meet new guys on dates, I never go past the second date. Last week, while I was strolling on the streets I saw him coming from the opposite direction. He came up to me and asked if it was me. He brought me to a cafe and left his number. Right now I don't know what I should do. Everything is so sudden. Help !


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  • What is there to think about? Obviously you both haven't moved on and you both still love each other.

    • I guessed I'm just still shock at what happened at our youth. It was traumatising. It happened all so fast and in a blink I thought I would never see him again. He was taken away from me without me expecting and now he suddenly return I just don't know what to do.

    • Go for it!!

    • Thanks :) I will

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  • Text him! Just say hi. Don't think too much about it. I had a similar situation and overthought it and I think I've blown it. Just ask how he's doing and see where that leads

    • seeing him makes me realise i still love him the same as before.

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    • Be honest with him, tell him that. If he truly loves you he'll slow down.

    • okay... he just seem so excited to see me that he literally asked me to marry him that very day he saw me... he just kind of slow down because he saw me hesitating.

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