Do you think that people in social media are worthy to date?

we meet many users in social media like facebook, twitter, GAG... do you think they are just users or you can assume to date one of them?


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  • The people in social media are the same as people in Real life. Only more random

    • yes, but many users lie about who they are really

    • Well is that your picture, do live in Algeria and are you single?
      The point is you get to know them a a little then you meet.
      People lie about who they are in RL all the time.

    • i agree with you, and yes i am single and live in Algeria really, but the pictur is not mine lol just looking similar to me :)

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  • if i know that they are a real person, AND i think they're someone who really 'fits', then id give them a go. honestly though, I'm more a face to face kinda person. illl develop little crushes but I'm not huge on the idea of dating over social media.


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