Girl likes me but is always busy when I ask her to go out, what should I do?

Ok so i met this girl at a wedding 6 months ago and we have been in touch ever since. As i mentioned, we have seen eachother once only (yes i know), but whenever i asked her to go out she always says that she has a lot of schoolwork to do. I am quite sure that she does like me, her cousin confirmed that to me and she is trying to keep our conversations going by asking questions, using a lot of emoticons, long texts and all those signs that a girl is into you...

But it really boggles me that she sometimes can take a week to answer back and she has never asked me to go out, not even mentioned when she's free, like i asked her to do because i dont want to seem desperate by asking her all the time. She is however positive to go out SOMETIME as she keeps talking about what we should do... if that's anything to be happy about... I know she's not busy 24/7 because i did found out once that she went out with her friends on a weekend (probably not the first time). Despite all that, she does put some effort to stay in touch and keeping me interested but i can't figure her out...

I want to take it a step further by going out, but is that what she wants? Why is she acting like this? Is she playing me? Any advice? Anything i should ask her? I'm really confused. And yes she is single and probably not that experienced (as far as i know)


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  • Anyone who keeps consistently delaying going out and keeps coming up with one lame excuse after the other isn't that interested. You may be someone she has a slight interest in, but not enough to really go after it. Having someone to text and message can be enough for some people and they simply do not need or want anything beyond that. I think you have asked her out enough. I think if she genuinely wanted to, she would have made more of an effort. You are wasting your time.

    • That's what i've been thinking too but I wouldn't really admit it. She clearly knows i'm into her and still keeps feeding me with false hopes...

    • To be honest, I have done this to girls. Why? Because I didn't have the heart, or maybe balls to tell them the truth that I didn't really like them because I know it will hurt their feelings and I just wanted to avoid that drama. So I just try to be polite and string them along until they finally give up. Then that way also, I don't seem like a bad guy either. She maybe doing something like this too.

    • Pfff not something i like to hear, but not a surprise either. You could be right, she is a friendly person...
      Guess the truth hurts. I will get to the bottom of this once and for all and be more straightforward by asking her intentions and what she wants out of all this...

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