I have the worst luck with women. Has anyone else had this happen?

Like sometimes I come on too strong and sometimes I'm too subtle, but even when I play the cards right and don't screw anything up the universe still finds a way to screw me over. For example just recently I had a pretty good chance with a girl and I had a mutual friend go undercover for me to check out some rumors I had heard. My friend ended up accidently telling her that I like her which brutally murdered my chances. We still talk, but she sure as hell won't hang out with me now when she was the one inviting me to hang out before. Has anyone else had this happen? Even when you think you did everything right somehow if something can go wrong it will go wrong.
Also in case this gets brought up: I've been told my whole life that I'm hot/cute, I'm a buff, but relatively short guy (5'7), I'm confident, somewhat flirty, funny, smart, nice, straightforward, down to earth, successful and caring. I come off as intimidating at first because I always look pissed and I'm rather harsh due to my straightforwardness, and I'm a natural leader. I guess my demeanor is pretty intimidating to those who aren't "tough".


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  • Nope. My chances with any guy are ruined after just one conversation. I have zero flirting skills or subtlety, which kills any attraction that might have been there.


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