Let it go or let him know?

I have been dating this guy since October... He claims to be busy and we have only been on one date per month. Our last date he took me to a fancy restaurant and to a Christmas light show. He even took the liberty to pick me up. It was all romantic and I had a good time but after the date he didn't even bother to follow up. After about three days of not hearing from him I caved and texted him "Hey, I had a good time the other night. Hope we get to do it again sometime soon." He said sure and invited me out to have coffee since he is "busy" this weekend. I got upset by this because I felt like it was step back being as I eventually want something more serious with him. I texted him later saying I was kind of busy and I think we are looking for different thing at this time. Now, I wish I would have let him known my reasons or should I just let it go?


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  • Let it go and move on. He isn't interested


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