Guys, How often do you ask a women you dont know out on a date, or approach a random woman with romantic intent?

It seems like most of the advice on here comes in the form of "just ask her out" or "what do you mean you dont know any girls? Just go ask one you find attractive out", or my personal favorite (as in most despised), "just go up and talk to her". I feel like most of the guys I know dont have good social skills, myself included, to do things like this without at least knowing her, and I can't imagine that many guys just approach women out of the blue and talk to them, is this actually a thing or is all the advice on here just really shitty?
  • I approach women I dont know quite a bit (once a week or more)
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  • I approach women I dont know sometimes (maybe a couple times a month)
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  • I rarely approach women I dont know (like once a year)
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  • I have only approached women I dont know once or twice in my life
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  • I never approach women I dont know
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  • I never ask women out in general
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  • Other/I'm a girl
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  • Voted F. Have only asked one girl out in my life, that too a known female friend, and got rejected.

    Single, available women in my country are an endangered species! :P


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  • litteraly never 😕

  • I never approach because I'm too shy :(


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