Does he like me or what?

I went on this date with this cute guy, he talked a LOT, he kept saying how pretty my face was and he kept asking me questions, was eager. We had dinner, he offered to drive me back home like 45 min away from a different city, I told him no thats ok. he said I was a bit weird but he did asked for a kiss on the cheek. Point is he doesn't text me at all, i text him and he said he doesn't like texting, even tho I see him online from time to time... what is his problem? he didn't asked to see me again, is he just lazy? he seemed so interested..:(


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  • Maybe he's just "playing it cool"? Guys do that sometimes and that's annoying especially in your situation. Don't text or stalk. If he wants to ask you out again he will. If not then there are other fish in the sea


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