Why am I scaring the guys away?

Why am I scaring the guys away?(Not a selfie maniac just for reference!! I'm not incredibly scary looking, I'd say!)

Hello everyone! So I just need some advice I guess on my non-existent love life. I'm a 20 year old girl and though I've been asked out very few times nothing has ever worked out. Each time the guy was either very creepy or really rude. I am not understanding what makes me so unattractive as a partner. I am a small girl and I eat a healthy vegan diet, I am active and I try to always be very cheerful. I am told I'm always smiley and fun, and smell like cotton candy. I'm quiet at times but I try to be friendly and compliment most people that I see. I can't imagine I come off rude as I'm not over confident about my appearance or abilities. I believe that I am average and do not seek unreasonable partners that would be extremely out of my league. I am very bookish and like science, history and I enjoy arts and am told I am talented at them as well (singing, painting, writing). Most of the people I meet tell me that I am well-dressed, smart, or compliment my appearance. I am nothing too extraordinary but I know I cannot be extremely hideous though sometimes I feel so. I am very chill, casual and told I'm funny, spontaneous and flexible. I'm not exactly against more casual sexual relationships, either. I have a lot of female friends and I love them very much but guys are totally different. I love being alone as much as anyone else but I'd like the experience of trying a relationship or something. Even as I try to make guy friends they don't respond to texts or sometimes will just stare at me when I see them. I feel like it is hard to converse with them even if I'm acting fun and casual like I usually do. I usually try and ask them questions about themselves. I catch guys that look or stare at me often but many times they won't say anything at all. When they do they seem to briefly say something or don't really hold conversation well. I am sensitive to body language and they always seem to be looking away or fidgeting so sometimes I won't bother. It's kind of a bummer!!


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  • I don't know you. but i can say your time will come. you are a cute person.


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