Is dating someone younger really a bad thing?

so I'm 2nd year university and this first year guy has really caught my eye. its still early in the year but I'm planning on getting to know him. so anyways although I'm not one to really care what people think, but in this case I do. I don't want to come off us being weird or desperate, because that's what people would think if I had to go after this guy. so should I pursue him or stick to guys my own age?


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  • It's hardly a shocking age difference! My fiance is almost 3 years younger. Besides, gaps in age seems to be less significant as you get older. If he were 16, I'd think differently, but a year younger is fine!

  • She's 41 and I'm 28. We have been happily in love for the past 5 years. Does this answer your question. Age doesn't matter so long as two people have a thing for each other. In my case it's love and sex.

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