Starting from scratch?

I am slowly healing from breaking up w/the 1st guy I felt real feelings for. It absolutely broke my heart that he never treated me right even though I went out of my way to care for him. Last week I made a step forward, I got excited about a cute guy w/out feeling weird (pathtic, but I felt this dark cloud over me the last few months). I am not looking forward to creeps, getting flaked on and just plain terrible dates. How do I start from scratch? I'm afraid that I will always be disappointed because my relationship happened fast, it flizzled out pretty quickly (on his end) too.


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  • :'(

    I was just like you.

    Let's just say I hurt much more in the end, but six years later, I'm doing well.

    When you start from scratch
    start by dating.
    Go out to eat
    learn more about each other.
    Give a time window between the both of you.
    It's more effective to learn about a person and hang out with them more, before you really considering going steady.


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