Will a girl like me ever find love?

Growing up I was always bullied by everyone. I was that shy girl that everyone picked on or punched and I was blamed for everything. Other then that no one noticed me. I've been shy because of being bullied. I'm in a community college now and I did have a boyfriend for almost a year that I thought everything was perfect. Then he sexually assaulted me a couple times and then dumped me a bit after. It broke my heart. I've only been in school for 3 months. But I'm finding myself in the same position. I'm a bit more talkative but it's an all girls class and they all seemed to form there own friendships and even though they talk to me I'm always left out to hang out at another girls house. I'd say I'm the loser again. I've went out of my way to go to the parties they have but I'm still the kinda "filler" friend who's just there. I don't think anyone really notices me especially guys. I do tend to dress up and look okay but still. I just feel like the loser freak who no one likes because I was always bullied. How does a girl like me find love.. Because it really seems it won't happen. Everyone says stop thinking about it and it'll come. But that never happens. I have for months now and no one comes to me. I'm smiley a lot of the time and don't look grumpy but still guys don't seem to ever talk to me. How do I get a boyfriend again :( I'm so lonely


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  • People are naive, things don't happen unless you make them happen.

    Do what needs to be done, do what you want, just don't cross the line.


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  • You might. You have to put yourself out there.


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