Guys, Is this a good sign or a bad sign?

he's not interested when any other girls look at him
But when he looks at me and I look at him he holds the gaze and smiles.
He's not kind of a guy who is really active and stuff
He's funny, but kinda shy, quiet and serious, I guess
He smiles at me a lot and sometimes teases me
Once or twice, he complimented me
He doesn't do this to me anymore
But in the beginning of the year
He used to act very shy around me
And he dropped a pencil on purpose
So I picked it up for him
His face was so close to mine oh my gosh
His hand touched my hand lightly (accidentally?) when I handed him his pencil
He smiled and quietly said 'thank you'
He doesn't act shy around me anymore I guess

Well on Wednesday I told my friend to give him the note before class that said
'Hey.. Can I talk to you after school for a sec?'
I went into the classroom and sat on my seat..
and he was staring at me..
usually when he looks at me he smiles
but this time he wasn't really smiling and it was kinda awkward.. or.. I dunno; it just felt different..
And for the whole class time, he was lying on his table... Covering his face with his hands...
He was extremely quiet... Maybe he was shy?
well he never had a girlfriend before...
And after class... He dashed and ran away...
Actually I was going to show him the love poem I wrote for him..
but I couldn't...

I wasn't in any of his classes on Thursday (yesterday)
so I told my other friend to give him the poem...
she told him that I was wondering why he was acting that way
and that I was worried about him,
and she said that he said he just had a headache...😕
So she gave him the poem..

the next day, which is today,
it was kinda... sorta.. awkward I guess..
he didn't even glance at me...
well he's that kind of person anyway..
as I said he's funny but kinda quiet and shy and serious...
So I asked my OTHER friend if she could ask him if it's a yes or a no...
She asked him and she told me that he said "I don't know yet.."
.. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?


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  • he seems like he doesn't really know what he wants to get into yet so he is taking his time. or he is just playing hard to get since you did the hard part for him.


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