How do you trust again?

I was in a relationship with someone who totally betrayed my trust, and I'm so scared to put myself in a situation where I could get hurt again. I completely fell in love with this guy and later found out he was sleeping with other girls (and having unprotected sex with me ) and lied to me about virtually everything about himself, with no remorse. I already had trust issues and explained this from the beginning, and how hard it was to give myself over to someone. He would always reassure me that he understood and wouldn't hurt me.
Now I've met a new guy who seems very sweet and caring, but I'm so scared to get hurt again. I know it's not his fault I feel this way but it's so hard to trust someone. Any advice?


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  • I suggest you take everything slowly. Don't rush into things and don't drop your emotions in line till you are very comfortable with him. I think you shouldn't rush into having sex with him coz a lot of guys after doing that will leave you.


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