If I make a move on a shy guy drunk will it give him the courage to pursue me?

Shy guys, if a girl made a move on you drunk would it be enough to get you to try asking her out or making a move on her later when sober, or would you just think she was drunk and still not have the courage to ask her out?


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  • This is a good ploy. Sure, do it; there is a chance he will respond. "Shy guys" don't act not because they are shy but because they fear rejection. By giving them an indication that they might succeed, that boosts his confidence to make a move. ... of course, you could do the same thing straight.

    • If he doesn't make a move after does it mean that he's not interested or could there be other reasons?

    • Well, he might actually be shy... or gay... or not interested... or might not act because he doesn't take it seriously coz you were drunk. This is why it is best to simply be proactive and straight up about it if you want to consider dating a "shy guy".

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  • Almost definitely

  • Better not to, you never know what he'll do, especially if he himself is drunk

    • What do you mean? What could go wrong?

    • Ya just never know. People go on random shooting sprees, but people also win the lottery. You can't predict the future, you can only take chances. Question is, is it worth it

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