So because a girl says she doesn't see us together in a relationship, means I have no chance?

Not to long ago, I asked this girl if there was any chance that if she could at least give me a chance with her. The response is what I don't get; she said she couldn't see us together, only as friends, but she also said she doesn't want to give me false hopes. So what is she really trying to say?


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  • Her saying she doesn't want to give you false hope is her affirming her previous statement that she doesn't see you two as more than friends. False hopes = leading you on to think you have a chance to date her.

    • Yeah I had the same thought, about her just trying to make me think that I have a chance to date her, when she said she doesn't want to give me false hopes. Thank you.

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  • Pretty much.

    Two points: you don't have to cut contact with her, you guys can still be great friends. And two, don't wait. Live your life and you'll get over her eventually.


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  • If I said that, which it wouldn't surpise me if I did lol... Then it would mean you have no chance outside of the friendzone

    • Alright, I know where I stand and what I need to do now. I just needed some of yalls opinion on my situation. Thanks.

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