What things about your personality make you insecure?

I actually feel like it's a lot more common to be insecure about your personality instead of your looks but for some reason people who are insecure about their looks get all the love while people who are insecure about their personality are left in the cold...

I'd say on the surface level its fear of being boring but on a deeper level it probably would be the fact that i used to be shy i feel like i can never be fully charismatic enough..


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  • I don't know I'm often scared of being perceived as too clingy or annoying so I try to keep contact to people I don't know that well to a minimum (me basically waiting for them to contact me first) which gave me this reputation of being kinda cold/reserved..

    I'm still way more insecure about my looks though and yes, it does get in the way if you're trying to date. Insecurities are never good.


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  • Hmm I'm not a very traditional guy. I don't really have a protective instinct and I'm not a fighter. I don't fit definitions of traditional masculinity. I'm not insecure in myself or anything but I know that this is an issue with quite a few women I've gotten close to eventually.

    I'm me and I'm not out to impress anyone though lol


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  • Yea I feel boring when I run out of thins to talk about. Also when I do have something to talk about Im insecure of being a chatterbox. I also feel that my goofiness will be mistaken for immaturity. And i also feel like Im toooo korny

  • I'm too shy. It takes me too long to get comfortable around new people. Super emotional.

    • Ahhh welcome back! I haven't seen you around in a while.

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    • Ahh I'm in the same boat. I feel you. I hope you've had a good semester. I know finals can be stressful as hell.

    • @RedThread thanks, you too!

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