I just met her on kik, could things get serious?

So im ashamed of how i met this girl today...

I met her on kik... i was aroused when i first talked to her i asked her

"Can i show you a picture of my dik, and you tell me if its big"

she replied


i started talking to her and eventually she said it was ok to send it
so i did and she rated it a 9 said it was big etc

after al that we started talking on normal topics.. i was kind of shy i expected her to call me perv.. curse at me etc but she was actually nice.. it was weird. we stayed up talking from about 8 to about 1 and i actually like her...

tomorrow i think im going to ask for her number i would have asked today but i felt it needed time..

we live not too far but... we dont really loive that close to eachother and she's 1 year older than me could this work out? i mean she's really cute and my type too i think i should have introduced myself differently but i really like her could it work out or will it die down since we dont live that close?

and you never know i might end up going down there..

she's 17
and im 16


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  • Just get to know her, see if the more you know the more you like


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  • So now that you've admitted that you distribute child porn to minors what do you plan to do with your life?

    • we are both minors and she's older
      and i dont do porn...

      i asked for permission and got an ok

    • Let me explain this to you. You are a child so any sexual images created of you are child porn. She is also a child and you sent child porn to her. And yes other children who have done less have been involved with criminal proceedings.

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