A student told me she likes me?

I had suspected that there was something a little weird about my student. She would look at me and looke away whenever I'd cought her looking and smiling. She would stutter and speak low whenever I asked her questions about the class. Yesterday she took her final exam and she gave me a note. Quote:"Professor Reeves, it has been a pleasure to be in your class but mainly to enjoy every moment with you. Saying this is not easy, I love every way of yours. The way you talk, your mannerism, the way you carry yourself, and your intelligence are few of the things I love about you. I have always liked you and respected you as man since our first semester but I couldnt break the teacher student rules. Now that the semester is over, would you like to have a coffee or dinner with me? Here is my #..."

how how do I react to this? I don't know what to do? I like this woman but i think she's talking major words. She seems to have emotions too envolve. How do I reply to her not? Should I?
By the way, I'm a college professor. She's in my sociology class and she's 25yo.


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  • You don't react. Remain professional.. You ever watch the news and see the school scandals where a teacher gets racked with sexual charges. That could be you mate. Not going to ask if you're an English major either. Take it this way. What do you like more, losing your job or prison. You're asking for both.

    • I'm more worried about this situation right now than about my grammar. Plus my phone is not as smart to correct it. Anyway, I will continue seing this woman on campus, hoe the heck do I avoid her?

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