Is this a good sign?

Me and girl I met (third time) went bowling and came back to mine for takeaway and horror movies.

We had texted the day before where she said it was okay if she got scared because she would be with me.

Throughout both movies I noticed there were times when bout our shoulders, arms, and legs were touching. She was slightly leaning towards me. During the second movie (halfway through) I put my arm around her, and she started to cuddle up to me. Later she changed position so her head was sort of rested on my chest, and her hand on my stomach. Our hands were touching too. I stroked her hands and arms too, she sort of stoked back.

Is this a good sign, or is she just cuddling with me as a friend? Although, I wouldn't say we're proper friends, as we have only been out three times together.
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Oh, she would also make a few references to how close in proximity she was to me. She also asked a few times if she was crushing my arm.
Okay, can anyone give me any tips for a next move for me to make? I'm seeing her again this week for ice skating.


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  • she likes you for sure :)

    • Thanks 😊 Any suggestions as to what I should do next?

    • when you go ice skating maybe try hold her hand? Or just be more touchy than you were at bowling and see how it goes! Good luck :)

    • I'll attempt to try it and see how it goes! :)

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