How do people over 30 meet nowadays?

Is it all online?
I know it's my age.. Which makes me anxious... Biologically speaking my eggs won't last forever!
Because I'm single at 29 years of age?
Im nearly 30 and I'm bored and worried about the futire..
If a woman is single at 29 will she never find love and have kids?
Is 29 old?

Is it too hard to meet single men at that age? Is online dating websites the only way to find love these days?

all my friends are having babies now

Will i be too old soon to attract someone?
Should I just give up all hope?


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  • Go to community places like churches, events, places where u won't find horny lurkers and just get to know random guys that seem open. You definitely arnt to old to find love


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  • It's you again... the single troll.. nice one.


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  • Even I am single forever and around 30. :/


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