What's a best way to ask her out?

So me and this girl have been talking for awhile she knows I like her and she has given me plenty of signs that says she likes me back I'm gunna ask her out but I wanna know the best way possible. If you have any crazy ideas for this comment it. My friend and I are never serious unless one of us talks about something serious and I don't want to just ask her out I wanna come up with a crazy idea for it but I need your help.


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  • I saw that you are just under 18, maybe that's why you don't have enough courage to ask a girl out. Relax, just think of a nice place where you both like, tell her that you've wanted to try that/to go to that place and you think that she likes it too. Take a deep breath, be brave, and come to ask her with a smile on your face!


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  • "This dick isn't gonna suck itself..."

    • Amazing!!! Lol

    • Bahaha or this "If I had a dollar for every time I got boner on you, I'd be probably banging hotter chicks"

    • I'll use the second one lol

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  • take her on a date in restaurant or sthg or just call her and tell her :p

    • Good effort but I'm looking for a cool way to ask her out mainly in person and I want it to be creative and shit so like if when I took her out I sang a song to her or something that would be cool but your idea is kind of basic.

    • haha i don't know then , for me it would be great to ask me out these ways :p

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