Dating your Boss?

Hi! I would like to ask a question about my boss who seems to like me, It started like this he always teases me and will look into details of what I do, So I just thought he appreciates everything I do. But it is ok at least he notices my efforts. Then he asked me a favor to do a little part time he invited me to his place and he just asked me to organize his things. He pays me after doing so. I thank him for that. Then one night after my errands he asked me for a drink. So technically we had a drink and had a chat then it lead onto something. The next day we hang out together the whole day. And the next day we went to work and pretended like nothing happened. But I couldn't take him off my mind so I called him after 2 days. I just couldn't speak and I just said I want to see you. Then he said "ok we will talk Tomorrow". But he did not text me nor called me up the next day. Then the next day we acted like normal people. But he kinda distancing himself from me. And he stopped joking at me... Can you please tell me what have I done wrong? What is in his mind? He said he liked me. It drives me nuts, because I miss him.


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  • Its really tricky. If the relation ends he can fire you :/


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