I'm falling for my best friend?

So I've known this guy for about a year now, and we are really close, I would definitely call him my best friend. He is 22 by the way and I am 2 weeks away from turning 21. We work in the same mall, he is security and I work in a store. Now he has a girlfriend but that never mattered because I only cared for him as a friend. I met his girlfriend a couple times, she is beautiful and super sweet but she also hates on him a lot which is something he has come to me for advice about countless times. We are both flirtatious people so we flirt but nothing inappropriate and we were never serious. But one night he showed up to a club I always go to with my girlfriends and he was there with his friends. Long story short he hooked up one of his guys with my best girlfriend and they really hit it off. We ended up spending the whole night at his friends house while they hooked up, me and him sat together and got even closer, we talked and cuddled and eventually he kissed me. I felt so guilty but it honestly felt so natural. Since then we have hung out several times as a group. Me and him and his friend and my friend. We'll go for car rides and then split up and go for a walk or something and we always end up holding hands and kissing. He told me he liked me, but at the same time he has a girlfriend who we never bring up. I know he isn't happy with her but he is too scared to do anything about it because their families want them together. He's started to get brave though, before in front of our friends he would be so careful about showing me any attention, then last night we all went out and I drove and he was holding my hand while I drove and touching my knee, all in front of his friends and he spent the whole night dancing with me. Afterwards we went to his friends house and we ended up making out A LOT. I need some friendly advice on what people think my next move should be, I've never been this girl and I hate it. But I truly care about him.


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  • Have him dump his girlfriend. It's obvious that their relationship isn't going nowhere fast. He pretty much already cheated on her with you. And screw their families, she shouldn't have been a bitch (but he isn't in the right either)


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