What does this girl want from me exactly?

Okay, so me and this girl went on a date, seem to go well and she seemed into me, was staring at me and looking at me and seemed attracted. Anyway I would text her and she seemed so hesitant to talk or make other plans. I told her I haven't had many relationships or experience which made her that way. Anyway finally we made plans that she canceled but told me the truth. She said she really was sick (has and infection) but she has been avoiding me because she has a lot of experience... and is obsessed with sex and has a lot of hormones. She was very honest with me, and I am like really attracted to her. Anyway I told her that I have a high sex drive as well... (I do) and she said she wished I would of told her that sooner, but she repsects I was a gentleman about it. She did say she find me really handsome but what is she trying to get at. She confuses me so much!


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  • It sounds like she wanted to use you for sexual purposes or is upset shed have to wait for you to be more "comfortable." either way, you dont deserve that! I can respect the fact that you're not a man whore, and its very attractive how honest you are about it. Dont change the pace you have for yourself for any girl! Meaning, of course you wanna do stuff with her but dont do it just because she's annoyed or whatever. so either she respects you or id kick her to the curb!

    • You think that's all she wants? She said she's tired of jerk and assholes.

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