I'm 16. Is this 33 year old woman interested in me, or have I been friend-zoned?

I know her through my high school. She's not part of the school staff, it's just my high school has this program where people from other workplaces come in to talk to students, once a week. She meets with other students for 30 minutes, but lately with me our meetings have been an hour and a half to two hours. She's also given me her personal cell phone number when she has a work phone. The first day we met, she was nervous, fixing her hair, biting her lip, etc. If I leave the room and come back she'll be adjusting her clothes/hair, and if I compliment what she's wearing she'll get self conscious and start picking (real) lint/fur off of it and adjusting it.

Once she told me she had a dream where someone told her someone she knew had died, and she couldn't stop crying because she thought it was me. However, she went outside and saw me dressed in a football jersey, about to catch a bus to a game. This dream would've been after knowing me only 2 hours, and I don't necessarily have an athletic build, so I don't know why I was dressed like that in her dream. After confessing this dream to me, I told her I'd had a dream I was on vacation in a foreign country and she was there too. Her face lit up, she said "Aww!" and started really stroking her hair. She's mentioned how it would be cool if I could hang out with her outside of school (with her friends there), but then mentioned how her job wouldn't allow it, although she wishes she could. I asked her if I could be her friend before, and she said she would, but there's a rule against that too.

I've hugged her a few times now, the first couple were really short, but she put her arms around my neck. The last one I gave her, she hugged me regularly, kind of spun around as we were holding each other, and it lasted 5 seconds. She realized this one was a longer hug, and said "Aww" as we were hugging. She smiled at me, said "Sweet boy", and brushed her makeup off my shoulder. Afterwards, she was in a happier mood, and was literally kind of skipping around. There's much more, but these are just the mixed signals I've been getting. Friendzone?
We were talkingabout an incentive for me toget better grades, & she came up with an idea to make me a cake, & joked about transfering a pic of my face on it. She told me nobody else could see her giving me the cake, otherwise it would look odd on her part. She says she doesn't want me to feel that she's making me keep secrets, & said it was OK if I told anyone what we talk about. Once I threw an eraser at her, & it went underneath her shirt and betwen her chest. She giggled & threw it back at me


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  • You are 16. You should not be with a 33 year old woman under any circumstances. You are a CHILD. She is an adult. You should tell your parents as this woman is clearly disturbed.


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  • I think what you have on your hands is a woman called a cougar who enjoys being turned on by younger boys. I'm sure that if you brushed against her breast while having one of your hugs she would not mind a bit. She is probably testing the waters with you right now with sites on having sex with you if you show interests in doing that with her.

    This is a dangerous situation you may be headed toward and you need to keep a clear head about yourself. Until you are older the law will look on this as rape by an adult. Back in the days when I was growing up it was just brushed off and you got yelled at. When I was 12 an older girl took me under her wing and a little while later we ended up naked in bed and she was instructing me on how to put it in her and have sex.

    So, be careful how far you let her go with you and how far you are willing to let her go. If anyone finds out if you do have sex, she can be in a world of hurt.

    • Actually, one time when I gave her a quicker hug my hand accidentally brushed across her butt, and she didn't say anything! But she might've just thought it was an accident.

    • So, what do you want to happen in this precarious relationship? Do you want her to make a move on you and see where it goes or are you satisfied just to tease around with her? Remember, she can go to prison for seducing you if it comes to that. Are you willing to take the chance?

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  • Well, found a troll.

    • What makes you think I'm trolling?

    • Because a 16 year old would be smart not do date someone who could be old enough to be their mother. Plus the 18-24 age range. Doesn't add up.

    • Oh. I put down some random birthdate when I registered, that's why. Does my description come off as a troll story or something? It might sound sarcastic, but I guess I'm in denial because of the big age gap.

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